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Jason Thompson left a comment on RENEWABLES & MINING
"We can install a floating solar energy system on one of your ponds. No loss of usable space, energy independence from the utility, and help with renewable mandates.


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During the 42nd week of the year (October 14th to October 20th, 2019), at least 29 press releases were announced by companies working in Mexico. ON MEXICO ISSUES, The Congress dominated by Morena approved a bill dramatically changing the rules od op…
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Anthony Walker commented on Anthony Walker's blog post InSAR use in Tailings Dam Monitoring
"Hi Steve, we are building it into a solution of ours to assist with Tailings Dam Monitoring - we have found the technology great but the day-to-day ease of use a problem; I think we have this sorted now! Anthony"
Oct 16
Steve Barnett commented on Anthony Walker's blog post InSAR use in Tailings Dam Monitoring
"HI Anthony, I know some guys who use it and are developing a business model around it.
Where does your interest come from"
Oct 15

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Approach to Estimating Shaft Costs

Hi Everyone...I posted this in the Shaft Sinking Group but thought it might get a lot more exposure and potential input here.

I work for a group that conducts mine cost estimating and we would like to begin updating an article that we publish regarding the costs to sink shafts. Currently, we provide pre-feasibility level estimated costs for a number of diameters (or rectangular dimensions) based on low, medium and hard Uniaxial Compressive Strengths. …

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Trolley Feasibility

Hello all,

Just signed up with the group and kudos to Harald for setting this up.

Interested to see if any group members have experience with operating or the technical evaluation of trolley assisted haulage. I am interested in evaluating the technology for our project, but relevant experience seems hard to find.

Looking forward to your replies

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Mining and Smart Spaces: The Next Evolution

Smart spaces are the inevitable evolution of workplaces in the mining and resources industry.  While it will become comprehensively pervasive through the workplace, they are personalised to individuals, and embody how workplaces will ultimately harness and interact with vast datasets and technology.  While the universe was created by several fundamental forces, the smart space is formed by the collision of accelerating technologies leveraging from one another and peaking at the same time. …

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The mining industry is so colossal that I thought it would be genuine to set off the first among several conversations not in terms of sectors (crushing, maintenance, drilling, processing, tunneling, underground mining, etc.), but connectivity, for what it is worth, which I believe is one of the most sensitive aspects in mining as it touches all those sectors.

I want to be more specific here, otherwise, this discussion…

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The mining industry consumes billions of liters of diesel and heavy fuel annually. Fuel and power are two of the biggest input costs and for remote mines, unreliable power grids and long distances from major ports or fuel refineries can be a logistical nightmare.

As the costs of renewable are already competitive with coal fired power stations,we need to ask how mining, as a sustainable industry and as the commodity supplier to the growing electric vehicle industry can make a difference…

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