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Mining Construction Mega Projects

Hello All,

I thought it would be worthwhile to have a post that speaks to Mining Construction Mega Projects.  The top 20 mining companies are postured to spend $60B/year on greenfield projects as well as brownfield expansions.  I wasn't able to find any other posts on the topic, therefore would like to ask the community; why do you think 4 out of 5 Mining Construction Mega Projects come in late and over budget by 50%?



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Hi people around the world

I hope you and your family are safe.

I am working in a research about the application of bulk emulsion in underground mining, I read a lot of information about it and I hope you can help me with your opinions about its application in different mining methods and two question which are : 

What is the three best adavantages of this explosive ?


What is the best advance per blast that you obtained from its application?


Greetings from Peru and stay safe.



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Trolley Feasibility

Hello all,

Just signed up with the group and kudos to Harald for setting this up.

Interested to see if any group members have experience with operating or the technical evaluation of trolley assisted haulage. I am interested in evaluating the technology for our project, but relevant experience seems hard to find.

Looking forward to your replies

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