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May 18
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"High loading speed

Bulk emulsions are loaded into blastholes at similar rates to ANFO. However, because the emulsion is pumped from storage into the loading unit rather than by accessing bags of explosives from magazines, the overall process is mu…"
May 17
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"Hi Frederic, atucally not.. Read however 'Gold Mine' from Wilbur Smith. It is a fiction but based on the Westdrie Fontein Deeplevel Goldmine in South Africa. Wilbur Smith did spent 2 months underground to get the terminology right and an idea on wha…"
Apr 11
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"https://miningindustryprofessionals.net/groups/drill-and-blast&...; already joined there? Good info and discussions."
Mar 23
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GHH Underground Mobile Euipment -  German engineered and build - Solid as a Rock 
Jan 18