Facilitating the Transition to Low Carbon Mines by Climate-Smart use of Clean Energies & Electrification. By REMIO (Renewable Energies and Mining International Observatory)

Main Group's Goal is "mining renewables for low carbon economy" because of the following "algorithm": Mining + Clean Energy = Mitigation Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy means High Metals Economy, NO mitigation will be possible without a substantial increase in the development of mining commodities like copper, aluminum or lithium. Experts of REMIO forecast by 2050 mining will consume 48% of world renewable energies power totaling 12.726 TWh, x2 times the current power consumption of China. 

Value proposal for the group:

  1. The transition to low carbon society needs Clean energies (renewables, Energy Storage, Electric Vehicles, and Energy Efficiency).
  2. Low carbon society must be supported by the deployment of the mining and metals industry to develop the new energy assets.
  3. To achieve the century's goal, we will promote renewable energy, energy storage and electric vehicles for Mining. In terms of the World Bank: Climate-Smart Mining
  4. Last but not least, the group will support main ideas showing the mining industry as part of the solution, not to the problem.


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How to combine renewables and mining

Dear members,renewables obviously seem to grow more and more important in general life. I think not only in Germany we have seen enormous growth in wind energy but also in other sources in recent years.What really interests me at the moment is an overview of how important renewable energies are in mining at the moment.I am also curious to see what developments are emerging here. Have any of you seen any examples of how renewable energies are integrated into mining infrastructure?Can any of you…

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