This group is for those involved in or wanting to learn more about biomining as a pathway to more sustainable mining. 

Biomining is the process of using microorganisms (microbes) to extract metals of economic interest from rock ores or mine waste. Biomining techniques may also be used to clean up sites that have been polluted with metals. 


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  • Hey y'all! here is a dynamic interview that explains biomining and it's potential. Hope you enjoy it!
    Biotechnology: using microbes as mining equipment
    Marny Reakes explains how synthetic biology can change the way we mine. From the micro fracturing of rocks, to exploration and advanced bioleaching,…
    • Hi Moji, would be curious to know where the R&D is happening in North America with regards to bio-mining? Is it a growing trend at uni's and colleges, do you know?
    • Hi Fredric, there are a few new programs at universities that we are also involved in but I'd say the field is still very new. My favorites are the University of Arizona, Colorado School of Mines, and this program at University of BC:
      Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals and Mining (BRIMM) - UBC Mining Research Hub
      BRIMM's multidisciplinary research teams work with industry to find innovative sustainable solutions to challenges facing the mining industry.
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