Mining 4.0 is aimed at bringing together the senior decision-makers from the metals and mining industries for a two-day business networking event, scheduled for November 2022, in Barcelona, Spain.

The mining industry is on its way to a transformation to smart, digitised, and decarbonised mining. There is a need for production cost optimisation, changes in the mining landscape, and a reduction in human intervention. The three major trends that are prompting this transformation, are the electrification of the operation and the shift from diesel. Digitalisation, which leads to more sustainable use of resources and an increase in productivity while decreasing input costs. The shift to smart work and capitalisation on the full potential of digital technologies and holistic data strategies comes with automation and delivers operation-wide benefits. In fact, maximising productivity and optimising CAPEX, increasing safety and collaboration, decarbonization, and more sustainable practises are just a few of the benefits that digital, intelligent mines and mining operations bring to the industry.

For example, McKinsey estimates that the implementation of digital technologies will help the mining industry save over $373 billion by 2025 by raising productivity, reducing waste, and keeping mines safe. 
Growing sophistication comes with the application of artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, cloud platform, digital twin, big data, robotics technology, private LTE and 5G, and drones and unmanned data collection technology are bringing the mining industry closer to intelligent unmanned mining.

This edition is aimed at finding new ways to increase the production rate of mining operations, reducing the cost per tonne produced, extending the life span of mine sites, creating a roadmap for unmanned mines, diagnosing which assets are fit for implementing practiceses aimed at automation and digitalisation, learning about the technologies and overcoming infrastructural challenges associated with adopting these practiceses at scale.


Who should attend?

VPs, CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, MDs, Directors, Heads, and Managers who are responsible for:







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