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Meeting to Grow
Mining today in Brazil is a big challenge. This challenge is even greater for medium and small mining companies, which make up
most of the Brazilian mining business universe.Medium and small miners face difficulties in obtaining investment resources, competing in the market (internally and externally),
in producing competitively with large companies and in managing their enterprises in a modern way.These companies also need to adopt technologies and equipment that enable them to reduce costs and produce sustainably,
both economically and environmentally.To enable the discussion of all these issues and the exchange of experiences among the various mining productive segments,
Brasil Mineral is organizing the 7th. National Meeting of the Medium and Small Mining.There will be three days of lectures and debates on the various problems facing the sector and the search for economic, political
and technological solutions that can contribute to the advancement of this important and decisive segment of the Brazilian
mineral industry.In addition, the 7th National Meeting of Medium and Small Mining aims to present the latest management tools in the operation of
companies, aiming to generate more productivity, lower costs, greater competitiveness and sustainability.

Exposure to Develop
Recent developments in Brazilian mining are revolutionizing mineral production formats, with new technologies, new formats, 
new areas of prospecting and new opportunities in Brazil and around the world, with more segmentation and innovations that
could make a big difference in current procedures. BRASMIN will have this format to present, through its exhibitors, all the new
possibilities in the world as well as professional meetings between companies, so that the distribution channels remain open and
are expanded, because the growth of consumption is continuous and affects, positively, this whole industry that is the basis of all
other industries. And it is located in Goiás, a large mining state, and close to other producing states, centrally located in Brazil, with
a large new airport in Goiania, which will surely facilitate the arrival of professional visitors from all over Brazil.
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