Dino Machado posted a status
Jun 10, 2019
Hi All,

I've just registered with the group. Fantastic initiative, thank you!

As an introduction I thought I'd start with this shameless plug for my company.

If anyone has any requirements for valves for bulk liquid (water/waste water) & slurries (mineral processing) please have a look at our range here - www.ventomat.com.au.

We specialise in air release / intake valves, Smart Pinch valves and Knife Gate Valves. Supplying Australia since 1998.

If anyone want's to discuss / query, contact me on 0499922686.

Rgds, Dino
Vent-O-Mat is a wholly owned subsidiary of AVENG manufacturing DFC and supplier of ventomat air valves, RF pinch valves and insamcor knife gates.

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