Atte Werneman posted a status
May 28, 2019
Hi everyone!

My name is Atte Werneman - International Manager at Nitro Consult AB in Sweden (M.Sc. Mining & Mineral 1995 - LTU - Luleå Technical Univerity). I am glad I found this site Harald!

I will take the chance to introduce Nitro Consult AB which is a part of ORICA MONITOR together with GroundProbe, and we all support clients with Environmental Control, Rock control and monitoring of vibrations, a.o.p., noise etc..

Nitro Consult AB an original Nitro Nobel company was founded in 1969 is celebrating 50 years this year. is our platform to measure big data and then analyse and transform into report of great value for our customers.

Please contact me if this is something of interest at

Cheers/ Atte
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