Thinking about getting a degree in a mining related discipline? Considering going back to school for that Master's degree? Want to expand the industry's horizon as a PhD student, or simply interested in who's doing what kind of research? The purpose of this group is to discuss these topics and answer your questions on mining education.

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  • For those students and professionals interested in an Engineering Entrepreneurship Specialization, please check out the website at There are four courses taught by professors Live-online using Zoom. Each course lasts for one week, Al materials form Harvard including case studies, articles, and videos are included in the price. These materials are easily downloaded to your computer. We aim to help prepare world-class technology business innovators with an entrepreneurial mindset and the confidence to initiate new venture or create innovation and new products with in existing organizations.
  • Hey! I am studying mineral processing engineering at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. I am a third grade student. I did not do my internship yet, and i am open for your advices about mineral processing.
    • Hi Ipek, if you have not done an internship and you expect to only complete one before your thesis/dissertation, you should try to go somewhere that allows you to complete a small project fitting your academic interest and where you also have a chance to spend some time (not a single day) to visit and experience each stage of the value chain. It's a compromise between learning, seeing if your academic interests actually match your expectations by gaining practical experience in that area, and the opportunity to ask lots and lots of questions. This will build relationships, hopefully land you a thesis, and ideally, a job. General advice.
    • Hi Ipek, can you elaborate on your background? Any specialization or special interests, any companies cooperating with your department or any contacts via your professors? Have you visited any sites on a field trip? How long do internships tend to be in Turkey, and when do they usually take place (which months)?
  • If anyone is new to mining engineering, I've got a Youtube channel about mining engineering that may help you:
    I am a mining engineer in training working for the oil sands in Fort Mcmurray, Canada. I create content on mining engineering on Youtube (this channe…
    • Thanks for sharing Kwan! It's great to have some insider's perspectives from recent graduates such as yourself.
  • Does anyone have experience with EduMine courses and can tell something about their quality? Are they a good investment?
  • Hi folks! Hope everyone's doing well. I thought I'd make the start by asking what made you join this fledgling group, and what is it that you're hoping to get from it?
    • Hi Frédéric Close! I am a BSc. Mining Engineering student who looks forward to climbing higher the academic ladder in this field, hence my joining this group to learn about opportunities.
    • Hi Bright, good on you! Hope your studies are going well. Any particular area that made you choose mining engineering? Any particular aspect of it that interests you?
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