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Wi-Fi versus LTE in underground mining:Introduction

LTE vs Wi-Fi Test. With existing technologies such as Wi-Fi and Fibre, connectivity is already available in underground environments. Most mining operations split production and IT networks, and therefore having multiple network infrastructure required for disparate systems. The potential introduction of LTE could enable one standard network typology for a multitude of applications such as: 1. Mining Operations - Fleet Management - Remote operation of machinery - Maintenance: Equipment health, Tyre and Fuel monitoring - Autonomous vehicles - Safety: Drowsiness, anti-collision, access control - Geotechnical, geology, SCADA 2. Environment - Weather stations - Seismic radars - Dust Emission 3. Process Control - Leach Pad control: Flow, pressure, oxygen - Leaking alerts 4. Hydrogeology - Water resource management (production, levels, pressure, flow, consumption) - Waterwell operation - Dewatering 5. IT - Connectivity to remote locations. - Wireless corporate network - Industrial Internet of Things 6. Security - Access Control - CCTV The purpose of the LTE underground trial is to determine whether it is a feasible stand-alone option or if a combination of wireless technologies is required to address the ever-growing demand for connectivity.

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