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One of the most strategic person in any mines is the Human Resource Person on site. This is because he is concerned primarily in the payment of the mine staff. Like most casual workers in parts of the world, mine workers made up mostly of labourers are concerned primarily with their money after work. For them, after being "stressed" from work, the only "good" thing the employer can do is to pay him/her what is due. 


On this note, the HR personnel on site must be sensitive to the above concerned raise. One major characteristics of mine workers is the fact that majority don't have formal education and therefore can hardly read or write. This sometimes affect their perspective towards things. Mostly, they care less of the vision of the mines. All they want is to get paid and move on. At other times, when they have committed an offense and you give them query, because they can't read they begin to interpret that they may want to be sacked. This a lot can cause demoralization for them .


In talking about morale, the HR person on site must always keep the morale of the mine staff high. This will definitely boost their productivity. This can be achieved by talking to them, letting them understand that the mines belongs to them and showing genuine concern to their plights. 


The truth is that, we must do all we can to ensure that things don't get to the stage of downing tools by these workers. 


Michael Okafor, 

Human Capital Management Department, 

  1. Zuma Coal. 
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The author is a serial entrepreneur, a trainer, a promoter of Sustainable Development Goals in Nigeria and a Human Resource Practioner.

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  • The principal way of engaging workers has to be to make them feel part of the family. It is a fine balancing act between being loose and strict, just like a parent. But if workers feel they actively contribute, and are rewarded when they do, then you will see that the greater majority will be happy with their work. Company atmosphere is key. It needs to be a nice workplace where people feel appreciated. But reward is also important, so that you reduce the "us & them" to just "us".

  • Hi Michael,

    Nice article with some good points. Though in my opinion, keeping good morale is the resposibility, and duty, of management. All layers starting at the top. HR of course plays a supporting role in it.  

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