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Digitalization is a very popular buzz word these days. So trendy that there is a risk to digitalize for the sake of digitalization.

How to avoid this pitfall? When it is a must and when is it just a nice to have gadget? Should we go for a cloud? Make infrastructure serverless and use SOA with micro services? Where should we employ IoT, automation, Machine Learning, AI, blockchain or BigData?

One of the Gurus of the IT world came up with the Rule of Three that says: Use only 3 new technologies in your digitalization efforts, not 2 and not 4. 5 is not a right number and 6 is way too much.....

Jokes aside. How to find the Holy Grail of digitalization?

It's always as easy and as old as the business itself. Create a business case, be courageous, think out of the box.

Perfect example(mining company):

- Staff reporting(accidents, standard issues): Paper => Mobile app

- Telemetrics and vehicle data: Guessing => BigData analysis (loss tree anaysiss)

- Miantenance: Reactive methods => Forecasting powered by AI and IoT reporting on tools, machines and vehicles

- Tens of standalone systems => One Internal platform

- 22M EUR/year saved for a area covered by a pilot project

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Andrzej Misiak - Smart Digitalization Expert
I love listening to people about what they do, what challenges they have and what are their short and long term goals.
Using my 25 years of experience I try to find the best fitting solution together with them and make it work in real life with the help of the modern IT solutions.
I am extremly happy and satisfied if we reach the GoLive and the change exceed the estimated ROI :)

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  • As miner with 13 years experience as underground mine production director, and plus 14 years as underground mine thechnical director I' think as Misiak! Perfect for all mining goals, including safety!


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