The mining industry consumes billions of liters of diesel and heavy fuel annually. Fuel and power are two of the biggest input costs and for remote mines, unreliable power grids and long distances from major ports or fuel refineries can be a logistical nightmare.

As the costs of renewable are already competitive with coal fired power stations,we need to ask how mining, as a sustainable industry and as the commodity supplier to the growing electric vehicle industry can make a difference in reducing emissions and carbon dioxide production?

A #dieselless mine is possible and closely linked to autonomous mining. The technology is commercial and available from suppliers like #Caterpillar and #Komatsu who build #electricdrive trackless mining vehicles and heavy earthmoving equipment to #Ballard #fuelcells , #sunfire reversable #electrolysers, #vanadiumredox batteries and other energy storage options like power to gas (hydrogen) and compressed air storage, as well as large scale solar and wind generation

It's a relatively small step change from an electric drive haul truck powered by a diesel prime mover to fuel cells stacks or to batteries charged by overhead catenary on the the haul roads from the plant to bottom of the pit.

Reversable renewable powered electrolysers can produce hydrogen for use in fuel cell powered plant and equipment and to produce electricity at night.

Diesel-Less Mining can provide mining companies with a viable and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels across the globe.

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  • Exactely, Li-Ion battery conversion of haul trucks is already possible and there are companies like ours, who are specialized in this type of product for mining equipment.

    For further information please have a look at

    Best Regards, Gernot Beutle,

    • Thanks for sharing, Gernot. What's your idea about the hybrid? 

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