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Hi all - what's the biggest thing that will change over the next 15 years in mining? I'm doing some research with the largest survey into innovation in mining, would love to hear your thoughts on what's going to change in your operating environment: stateofplay.org/survey-2018

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  • The mining indristry"s will take the technology in high level and leading source of knowledge on exhobition and innovation

  • With digital transformation and the Internet of Mines, I predict the largest change and adjustment will be with roles and responsibilities including WHO manages the mine. Mine Managers will need to be technology experts who can run advanced digital operations. All roles will shift and require different training and education paths.  I see significant role gaps already through my digital transformation consultancy.  Lack of technical leadership is largely the reason why mines arent further in their digital evolution. Technology leaders will pull out the right ROI. Would love to hear thoughts on this. 

  • the use of drones to leverage aerial intelligence

  • Autonomous mining will be the norm across all facets of surface mining. This will eliminate the human factor and increase profits for all who embrace this technology. I also believe that there will be big changes in fuel sources which may move away from fossil fuels to electric powered equipment that recharges from non traditional methods. 

    Its coming and we best embrace it. 

  • The words "Innovation, Innovator" will disappear.

    Innovator. Mediator offers to you new products (equipment, reagents), but doesn't offer to you a ready-made recipes (decisions) of its application for your Plant, for your ore. It assumes that you will understand how to apply all those expensive new items yourself
    Very often, these "innovations" are 30-50 years old. Since that time, there are other, better patents on the use of these products. However, the mediator doesn't know it
    If you don't succeed to get the effect from the use of this new product in some time, then the mediator answers to your request: "Try to increase the consumption of new reagent to 2 (5, 10, 100) times! You can also replace your other reagents (equipment) to the new items (more expensive). We provide it all. Maybe it will help for you." 
    However, nobody of innovators advises reduce the consumption of reagents, eliminate unnecessary equipment. 
    All the rest - it is your problem.

    Innovator uses fashion words, phishing words: It can be diamond drilling bits, XRF, polymers.
    He tells you that this is not elementary field. 
    They found it from space using satellite data.




    For you there is a difference, how did he find his field, if it is bullshit?

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  • Xavier,

    Selective filtration will replace selective leaching and eliminate the need to use cyanide and carbon. The largest mining companies in the world will be in attandance to see for themselves the extraction and refinement of multiple metals from chlorinated leached ore on November 29th, 2018. Here is a link to sign up and attend the demonstration in Orlando, FL. https://precisionperiodic.com/demonstration

    Mining Filtration System
    Extracts Multiple Metals Refines The Metals 60 Minutes + 15 Min/Metal Process Time Eliminates Cyanide & Carbon Use
  • Hi,

    A good maintenance management system makes equipment and facilities available. During the past 20 years, the term “CMMS” (computerized maintenance management system) has become synonymous with productivity improvement and control of maintenance management processes. In the last three years, literally billions of dollars has been spent in  any different countries, on implementing CMMS and enterprise level systems.
    Some corporations have attempted to circumvent a lot of this cost by developing implementation templates for use across their global operations. Maintenance prognosis and optimal decision making requires effective integration of disparate data sources including, production, failure, preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, inventory and other relevant asset information sources. This is possible through the implementation of a CMMS

    InnoMaint is a Cloud based Equipment maintenance system, which would be a tailor-made product that cater all your maintenance monitoring.

    InnoMaint helps you to Manage all repair and maintenance work across all locations to streamline your maintenance strategy, to get ahead of your work orders and move towards a preventive maintenance approach.

    8 Major Benefits of using Cloud CMMS
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  • Hi Xavier,

    Just my thoughts:

    It will then be the time of the "new generation" managers running and being in charge of the mining operations. Folks who have been brought up with internet and all the gadgets / tools that came with it.  Data collection and using it practically.  Mines will be run as surface 6Sigma/JIT etc. operated process plants. Preventive maintenance instead of reactive.  Sophisticated programms and KPI tracking systems that use the real time data to come to minimim costs per ton and maximum output.

    People will to have been removed from hazardous areas and/or expusore will be limited. Tele / Automated / Autominous operation of machinery.

    CO2 reduction.  Electrical / Fuel Cell / Hydogen as main source of power supply for overall operation and machines. 

    • This is a good point - it also takes away a lot of the change management required surrounding current efforts to introduce all these components within current operations. So much easier if this feels natural, rather than forced change.

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