Hi all - what's the biggest thing that will change over the next 15 years in mining? I'm doing some research with the largest survey into innovation in mining, would love to hear your thoughts on what's going to change in your operating environment: stateofplay.org/survey-2018

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  • Hi.

    (a) Energy supply and Reduction of Green House Gas Emissions footprint: Development and implementation of the mini-nuclear energy generating plant at the mine site. Cost per KWH will be crucial. It is actively under development in USA, Canada, etc. Not at all new for military. Potential benefits to the mining industry: finer grinding for increased recovery; dewatering tailings, and moving away from the potentially “lethal” upstream design to centreline and downstream method; deeper mines; favours more electrification. Will require mega-battery storage as backup? (Similar to what Elon Musk designed for Australia). And much more.

    (b) Moving away from upstream tailings design to centreline and downstream design: And, increased application of tailings dewatering – as pressure filtration costs are reduced. And this can be supplemented by using flocculants to dramatically increase the filtration rate, reduce energy costs (depends on the cost/kg of the flocculants). Tailings filtration can return 85%+ of the water in the tailings – for those locations lacking adequate water supply to a mine, this can be more crucial. On-going tailings impoundment failures seriously damaging mining companies’ “social licence to operate” and claims to sustainable operating practices.  

    (c) Innovation to mineral processing: So much in mineral processing processes have not changed significantly in 100 years – just refinements of the “old” technology. Environmental protection has made significant strides. 

  • Certainly automation without a doubt. I think a new younger generation is coming in with ideas that allow process control monitoring like new before. I feel the previous generations, for the most part, are receptive to the new technology in part due to the fact its undeniably better. With equipment that is remotely accessible, it allows adjustments to be made while not even having a human at the machine. 

    • hello 

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  • The securing of mining data using blockchain technology will bring operational efficiences, increased trust in the tracing and tracking within the supply chain and proof of compliance.


  • I think 5G is going to play a major role in Mining Industry in the near future eradicating the risks involved in minining operations both underground and opencast /openpit. 

  • Underground miners and mining itself will benefit from the introduction of battery powered vehicles replacing diesel vehicles. Zero CO, NO and NO2 emissions so better health. Only 1/3 of the energy produced per working kW AND a lot of this will be transformed into "work" so a lot less machine heat too. Less air required overall so will give a great saving in airpower. Less risk regarding fire (? experts comments please). 

    • Risk of fire will not lessen with the introduction of battery operated vehicle.

  • Risk and closure planning will need international acceptability rather than Third world country standards.
    Environmental issues and local renewable energy harnessed.
    Social networks can expose negligence in hours to the detriment of share prices.
    Collaboration similar to aircraft industry crash investigation knowledge sharing.
    Online collaboration enhancement.
    Safety will become universal and collaborative across rand names.

  • A reliable IS wireless backbone from the workface to the surface. Comprising of high powerd APs (static and mobile) that will facilitate accurate collection of data by means of IS smart phones, Tablets and condition monitoring wearables using BLE technology.  

  • Mining will become more high tech and sucessful business model. But the mining project will become like a robot, devoid of human concern. More conflict will emerge with surrounding society. In my opinion, business is for the creation of wealth for society. But some how angle has been totally lost in the mad race for profit.

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