Good morning all.

You all know in the Mining Industry we get measured on all our KPI's.

Currently at our mine we have a problem with ore delivering to the plant.We only have one weightometer at the end of our main belt system which means the more pressure you put on your employees the more disonesty you get. The traditional weightometers that get installed underneath the belt is to expensive and we are looking for something else that is cheaper and easy to install, ea. a type of laser above the belt. 

I am situated in South Africa, I would appreciate if somebody could assist.


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  • Happy to discuss Sizescan, a next gen 3D infrared camera based scanner that measures volume and belt speed accurately. Presumably the bulk density is fairly consistent. It is proven to be within 1% of nuclear scale. Not affected by dust, does not need controlled lighting. Sales@scantech.com.au 


  • In addition to the present weigh scale you can add Nuclear weightometer which is very easy to install . So the incharge can't cheat the management. You can contact M/S Ramsey for that. 

  • I am really empathic about your predicament. To save cost of securing a durable and easily installed weightometers, you may kindly visit alibaba.com.

    Best regards.

  •  Hi Leon,


    I'm curious, what do you mean with employee dishonesty when you have a weightometer installed? Improper calibration, throwing in some extra tonnes of waste?


    Regarding the scanner, I guess you're after something like what these folks are offering?




    Note: I'm not affiliated with them and have no experience with this tech. There are other, possibly local companies out there with similar products I'm sure but I haven't checked.

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