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Trolley Feasibility

Hello all,

Just signed up with the group and kudos to Harald for setting this up.

Interested to see if any group members have experience with operating or the technical evaluation of trolley assisted haulage. I am interested in evaluating the technology for our project, but relevant experience seems hard to find.

Looking forward to your replies

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  • Worked for a trolley assist mining operations for a number of years, would love to share some practical insights and challenges we encountered - machine, design and human elements etc... 

  • Hi Gertjan,

    We could help you to understand the cost-benefit analysis of a trolley system vs hauling heavy out of the pit. I am with Blutip Technologies based in Vancouver, we are differentiated in the mining sectors through our unique ability to deliver high accuracy on-equipment fuel consumption measurement, and operational analytics. 

    We had a client express interest in a similar type of evaluation. If you were interested in analyzing trolley assisted haulage in relation to fuel consumption and equipment efficiency, we could certainly help. I can be reached at Sedwards@blutipdata.com if you wish to chat. 

    Best of luck with this project. 


    Hi Gertjan,

    Have you seen this article?

  • Electrification of Loaders and Trucks - A Step Towards More Sustain...

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