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  • Hi Frederic, I have written a seven book series on a female geologist (think indiana Jones meets Calamity Jane) called the Sam Harris Adventure Series. It is on sale in ebook and  paperback. The rirst book is called Fool's Gold (by PJ Skinner) and had over 400 ratings on Amazon. Dont know if its your sort of thing. It's character driven and reality based; Mud and rain rather than explosions and fast cars. Let me know if you give it a go.

  • Frederic:

    "Diamond Core Drills: Their Invention, Early Development, and Consequences for Mining and Quarrying" - By Roger Burt, Past President of the Mining History Association
    An excellent overview of the history of diamond core drilling.  Roger Burt also has a web site dedicated to Mining

    I'm always curious about the amazing names that the early prospectors gave to the place names, streams, rivers, roads and areas in which they worked and lived - the Barberton greenbelt gold mining area in South Africa being a prime example.
    Fabulous to comb through the maps of those areas.

    All the best - Ian Jackman Diamond Drilling Specialist

  • Highly recommend books by Matthew Hart - Gold and Diamond, excellent non-fiction writing

  • Hi Fred,

    I agree 'Gold Mine' by Wilbur Smith was a good fiction read. 'King Solomons Mines' by H Rider Haggard is fiction but read it too long ago to comment.

    'Mines in the Spinifex' by Geoffrey Blainey, a great read about the town, region, mines that were the company Mount Isa Mines.

    'The Money Miners' and 'The Offical History of Blue Sky Mines' both by Trevor Sykes should be essential reading at University.

    'Bre-X, Gold Today and Gone Tomorrow' should be read by anyone doing due diligence on a project.

    'Coltan' by Michel Nest was hard to put down non-fiction and a great insight into fact versus opinion and the obtuse impacts of activism.

    'Mount Kare, by Dave Henton and Andi Flower is hard work at times but a great tale about this gold rush in PNG and the challenges there.

    'Mandarins and Mavericks' by Martin Summons, a recent history of another once great company. 

    Maybe these help your list.




    • Hi Louis,


      will have a look. Great additions, thank you!

  • Hi Fred.


    I am a retired geologist who opened a bookstore. I have a lot of mining industry literature (the heading I use is mining history) 5beesbooks LLc. I sell on Ama zon.  I have a couple of warehouses of mining and geolgoy books I am trying to get rid of so I don't have to will them to my children.


    Steve Peters

    • Hi Steve, warehouses (!) full of mining and geology books sounds like a real treasure trove! I'd absolutely love to have a look if time, money and Covid-19 related travel restrictions were not an issue. It sounds like you're selling in bulk though, which makes me the wrong kind of customer. :-(

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  • I'm going to download the book and read it.
    It's a great idea.

    Thank you

  • Hello Fred 
    I hope you and your family are staying well.
    I am using this self isolation period to grow my network and promote my award winning book "No Smoke Without Fire" A recipe for disaster.
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