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  • Hi Fred.


    I am a retired geologist who opened a bookstore. I have a lot of mining industry literature (the heading I use is mining history) 5beesbooks LLc. I sell on Ama zon.  I have a couple of warehouses of mining and geolgoy books I am trying to get rid of so I don't have to will them to my children.


    Steve Peters

    • Hi Steve, warehouses (!) full of mining and geology books sounds like a real treasure trove! I'd absolutely love to have a look if time, money and Covid-19 related travel restrictions were not an issue. It sounds like you're selling in bulk though, which makes me the wrong kind of customer. :-(

  • I'm going to download the book and read it.
    It's a great idea.

    Thank you

  • Hello Fred 
    I hope you and your family are staying well.
    I am using this self isolation period to grow my network and promote my award winning book "No Smoke Without Fire" A recipe for disaster.
    Please take a moment if you can to check out my bio and author's page at
    I hope it will be of particular interest and value to you .

    • Hi Brian, thank you, hope yours is too. I've already finished your book and really enjoyed reading about your first-hand experiences, observations and analyses, which are also very balanced. Books like yours should be on the reading list of anyone in or about to enter industry in my opinion!

  • Hi Frederic, received a fantastic book for my birthday that I am reading at the moment. Title: It's been a blast by Jack Shaft, Nigel Kirk Adams.

    Its Been a Blast|NOOK Book
    Jack started his mining career at the tender age of 18 in the deep gold mines of the Transvaal in South Africa. At the time of writing he still works…
    • Finished reading this book. I recommend it to any mining professional! 

    • Thanks Harald, looks great! I'll order it when I get the chance. I did manage to watch Gold with Roger Moore, which you mentioned. Great stuff, love older movies like this!

  • Hello Fred, you may want to take a look at my award winning historical memoir. No Smoke Without Fire " A recipe for disaster".  Visit my authors page at for more details. Best regards Brian

    • Thanks Brian, just ordered a copy. Looking forward to reading it!

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