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My name is cleo and I am doing honours in applied mining, I am finding it difficult to choose Research project based on this two fields, 1.explosives and 2 Rock engineering and slope instability 


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Cleo Mekgwe

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  • Ok


    Drilling and blasting is the main core of Mining Engineering.

    It wide enough with diver topics.

    I can give you topics to work on if you really have interest in mining major.

  • Hi Cleo, there is one this factor called "PASSION", passion produces energy. Just follow the one you really have passion for as that will pave way for endless possibilities.

  • Hi,

    Manager kindly leave the netball for the women and focus on football. Let the Geologist take their rock mechanics and concentrate on the explosives because these explosives companies have been cheating/steeling the mining companies all the time as such it is good to have insight of the explosives so as to know when they are cheating to help your future company. I can tell you that no matter the strength of a rock, I can blast it at a powder factor less than 0.8 because I know how to adjust the explosives to achieve my results. Thanks

  • joint survey and numerical modelling of pillar stresses at ......... Mine

  • Hi Mr klose

    I will tell you a bit history of my life, I hold a degree in geology and after completing my degree I went straight to practical route of mining engineering where I was exposed to applications of explosives but not exposed to manufacturing which will become a problem whereas rock engineering seemed to interest I, because I did fundamentals of rock engineering when I was doing my degree, and during my practical learning, I got to enjoy learning applications of rock engineering on an excavations

    • Hi Cleo,

      this is my personal opinion. If you have training as a geologist, have already been exposed to the application of explosives and genuinely enjoyed learning about rock engineering fundamentals, I strongly recommend continuing that route and deepening your knowledge in that area. Perhaps it is a more difficult (and less popular) route, but it's the more rewarding one because it will allow you to better understand what is going on and make you much more versatile. I believe it'll open more doors for you, also in civil engineering and other areas. I don't see not being exposed to the manufacturing of explosives as a problem, because that's fairly heavy on the chemistry and therefore farther away from what you already know.

      Best, Fred

  • Hi Cleo,

    why are you interested in them? There must've been reasons for narrowing your choice down to these topics.

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