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OEE Calculation for Plant Equipments

Hello dear Sirs,

On OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness) calculation we have three OEE factors, Availability, Performance rate and quality rate.
The quality rate being the relationship between the number of units producted and the number of units produced that meet the specification.

Can someone please help me with how to calculate the quality rate in mining plant for exemple at primary crusher circuit where we have the quantity of ore crushing at the end of day, weeks,...

How to know the number of units(ore ) produced that meet the specification and no meet the specs to help us to calculate Quality rate ?


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Dear Mining Industry Professionals,I would like to bring your attention to an industry competition presented by Newcrest, one of the world’s largest gold mining companies with operations in Asia Pacific and Canada. Newcrest is looking to improve blasting performance in high temperature (up to 190˚C) conditions. Please go to the following link to learn more about the competition: the Heat: Improve blasting performance in high temperature conditionsNewcrest is looking for novel solutions and approaches that can improve the safety and reliability of blasting in elevated temperature conditions at the Lihir gold mine. The Lihir mine site experiences ground temperatures of up to 190˚C and has chemically reactive geology. As a result of the extreme ground temperatures, conventional ammonium nitrate based explosives, which are typically used in the blasting process, become less controllable and less reliable.Newcrest is looking for solutions that can mitigate the impact of elevated temperatures on blasting operations. Your solution might include:• New formulas or designs of bulk blasting agents• New methods or improvements to the current blasting process• Novel approaches to insulate or mitigate the temperature effects on blasting• Engineering, chemical or other novel solutionsThis challenge invites individuals, teams and organisations, with viable solutions to improve the safety and reliability of blasting in elevated temperatures. Early-stage and novel concepts are encouraged, as are commercially ready solutions.Newcrest is willing to support the development of solutions through a variety of pathways. This includes support, access and/or funding to further research and develop concepts or proof of concepts (leveraging Newcrest R&D) and validate, pilot or trial commercially ready solutions.Can you help Newcrest improve blasting performance at extreme temperatures? Please go to the following link to learn more about the competition:
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Hello All!! I have been doing some extensive research on who the mines are using to get their instrumentation. 

Many rely on recommendations from Engineering Firms, some have trusted reseller relationships, others like to evaluate internally. 

Can you tell me about how your site goes about the procurement of upgrading instrumentation? Who are your trusted OEM's, Reseller Companies?

What do you consider are the most important aspects moving forward in the future of mining in regards to equipment? Are your engineers ready for the change to full automation? Do you prefer the tried and true old school methods? 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and useful.

***If your answers prove to be something useful I will contact you directly for permission to use in our official blogs. Thanks***


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Hello , I am a Research Analyst with Info-Tech looking at technology trends impacting the IT infrastructure for the Mining industry.  Would any CIOs/Senior IT/T Managers be willing to provide some  insights and experiences?  I am happy to include you in the credits in the research paper, which will help raise your social emnience.  Also I am happy to provide you with a copy of the research paper once it gets published.  Also, I am open to referrals/introductions to anyone you may know that might be interested in being interviewed.

Please message me on my Linkedin page: 

Discussion topics.


1 Impact to IT department from:
• Regulatory pressures (laws, taxes, LTO, ESG, local etc.)
• Digital and Data Optimization demands (Centralized data)
• Automation & Modernizing Core Technologies


2 Popular Core Mining Technologies being used:
• Data Visualization eg. Tableau etc.
• ERP eg. SAP for Mining, Oracle, etc
• Mining Simulation Software eg. Itasca, Centric, RPM Global, etc
• Others core technologies ?


3 Critical Challenges and Opportunities for IT Departments in the Mining industry.

Thank you.


William Wong

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Hi people around the world

I hope you and your family are safe.

I am working in a research about the application of bulk emulsion in underground mining, I read a lot of information about it and I hope you can help me with your opinions about its application in different mining methods and two question which are : 

What is the three best adavantages of this explosive ?


What is the best advance per blast that you obtained from its application?


Greetings from Peru and stay safe.



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Mining Construction Mega Projects

Hello All,

I thought it would be worthwhile to have a post that speaks to Mining Construction Mega Projects.  The top 20 mining companies are postured to spend $60B/year on greenfield projects as well as brownfield expansions.  I wasn't able to find any other posts on the topic, therefore would like to ask the community; why do you think 4 out of 5 Mining Construction Mega Projects come in late and over budget by 50%?



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Shaft sinking research

Hi  Colleague 

We currently conducting research on shaft sinking. Can you please take a few minute of your time and answer the below questions.


1.Vertical shaft sinking methods and techniques have changed in the last 10 years or so. What are the main  notable changes have you/your company experienced?

2.How have these changes impacted on the effectiveness and efficiency, and subsequently costs, in sinking Vertical Shafts


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Hello everyone,

I'm interested in joining a mining professional organization (e.g. IOMMM, CIM, SME, AUSIMM or SAIMM).

Since that would be a longer-term commitment, what approach should I take to thinking about when it comes to membership in any of these associations? What are your experiences, have any of you switched organizations or are any of you based outside the regional focus of your organization (e.g. AUSIMM = Australasia)? Or does/should the choice boil down to geography only?

Looking forward to your comments,


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Mining tips & tricks

Hi all ! 

I was wondering, where do you go to find mining (drill and blast) tips & tricks, learn about new methods, products or anything related to the industry ? Is there a major place to find debates, advices or mining specialists to "follow" somewhere etc ?

Thanks in advance guys !  


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Integrated mining

Im a mining student and i want to do a project on integrated mining system that i want to introduce at a coal mine. The problem is that there are about 7 loading units available (4 excavators and 3 front end loader) but as the pit progresses downward there is confinment and the other loading units are on standby. So what i need help is how do i justify my problems and i cant seem to come up with required objectives

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Hello everybody!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alexandre de Bastiani, I am a Masters Student at the Umeå Institute of Design, in Umeå, a city located in northern Sweden. As I am currently working on my Degree Project in collaboration with Epiroc, the leading Mining equipment manufacturer in Sweden, I am reaching the community of Mining Industry Professionals, Geologists, and other related professionals seeking more information and knowledge that will create a foundation to argue pro the future design that will be proposed.

Well, from the beginning, what am I looking for?

The topic of my project is "The Unexplored Earth - INSPIRING THE FUTURE OF EARTH EXPLORATIONS" which goal is to investigate the geological potential of our planet and the future of its exploration.

  • What will we do in the long term?
  • Go deeper?
  • Will we mine in space?
  • Stop mineral exploitation?
  • What is Earth's real potential? For how long will it last?
  • What about political-based measures/policies? Are they too harsh or should they be even stronger?

These and many other questions are part of my investigation and I want you to be part of this journey.

So, the first thing I need to do during the research phase is to interview professionals in the field of Geology, specialists in Exploratory Geology, academics, and engineers aiming for knowledge and insights that will, hopefully, lead me into a Future Vision of how Earth Explorations will be like in a long term future.

If you feel inspired and excited to take part of my research, please raise your hand and I will contact you and schedule a call (Skype, Zoom, or any other platform) or, if you are in Sweden, I may even meet you for a nice chat!

Please feel free to ask me question if there is something not clear.

Best regards,
Alexandre de Bastiani

My contacts:

- +55 11 999041180

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