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Early Tremor Detection

I am doing market research for a new solution we are working on.

How important and/or useful would early tremor/seismic movement detection, as fine as 25micron, and not dependent on ethernet or fibre for data transmisson, be? 

Would this be useful from a safety perspective?

Does something like this already exist?

Your inputs will be highly valued. Thanks in advance.

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Critical Evaluation of Mining Methods

Hi all,

I'm Thanujan, final year undergraduate. I'm doing the research on 'Critical Evaluation of Industial Mineral Mining Methods in Sri Lanka' which includes both Underground & Surface methods. We have identified the practicing mining methods as following,

Underground Mines (Graphite):
*Cut & Fill Mining
*Open Stoping method

Beach Heavy Minerals (Ilmenite):

Openpit mines (Limestone, Apetite):
*Single bench mining
*Multi bench mining
*Quarry mining

Gem mines:
*Undeground & Surface methods

Firstly, classification of some methods are being doubtful as there no proper mining methods are practiced,
beach heavy minerals - scraping the beach by bulldozers
apetite - scraping a hill by bulldozers
gems - underground pits or scraping by bulldozers

How can we classify these kind of mining methods?

Furthermore, during the evaluation we have to consider different factors for the differnt methods mentioned above.

What are the main factors should we consider for each methods?
Are there any pre-established systems for the mining method evaluation?

Your help will actively assist our research project..

Thank you in advance..

With regards,
Thanujan Tharumarajah

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Our company is active in tailor-made dust control using additives that are applicable in various situations. We would like to investigate the need for these additives in the mining industry, as we do not wish to give the answer 'dose more additive' when the customer demands a better performance.

For what dust-emitting activities would you wish a solution would become available? What additives are you using now for dust control? What are the drawbacks of those additives? What can be done better (apart from price)?

Thanks in advance for any answer! Best regards,

Jacco Korver

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Brazilian Mining Suppliers


good morning.

 I would like to know what are your impression, in general, about Brazilian products/ services and technology to the mining industry.

Have you ever used any product or service provided by a Brazilian supplier? How was the experience?

 Best regards,

 João Raphael de Santana

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Interested to get feedback from mining professionals regarding rubber wear linings in terms of technical needs and requirements?  Do existing wear linings for bucket reclaimers, trucks and chutes perform as required and have a long enough life? 

Could quarries and mines benefit in terms of cost savings or production output yields if wear linings and conveyor belting had a longer life in use?

Are there any major elastomer wear lining problems that currently need a solution and extended life in use?

What expectations would a mining professional have in terms of technical performance and the lifecycle of the wear lining or belt product?

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Trolley Feasibility

Hello all,

Just signed up with the group and kudos to Harald for setting this up.

Interested to see if any group members have experience with operating or the technical evaluation of trolley assisted haulage. I am interested in evaluating the technology for our project, but relevant experience seems hard to find.

Looking forward to your replies

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I am a mid-career mechanical engineer, and I am cosnidering a career change with the mining industry as my top area of interest. I have a long held fascination with the industry as my father, an accomplished geologist, worked in the exploration side for many years.

My question for members is this: I would expect there is always a training process for new hires at any company,but for someone who has been out of school for a couple of decades, what essential training, certification work or schooling can one add to their resume or academic background to make them a stronger candidate for employment in this field?


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