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Saprolite open pit dewatering

Hi all,

I am looking for some help with a study on dewatering rates for flooded open pits in Saprolite. We need to dewater the pits in order to re-start mining (pits have been flooded for approx. 8 years). We are also looking to lower the water table

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Good morning all.

You all know in the Mining Industry we get measured on all our KPI's.

Currently at our mine we have a problem with ore delivering to the plant.We only have one weightometer at the end of our main belt system which means the more press

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OEE Calculation for Plant Equipments

Hello dear Sirs,

On OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness) calculation we have three OEE factors, Availability, Performance rate and quality rate.
The quality rate being the relationship between the number of units producted and the number of units produ

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Mining Construction Mega Projects

Hello All,

I thought it would be worthwhile to have a post that speaks to Mining Construction Mega Projects.  The top 20 mining companies are postured to spend $60B/year on greenfield projects as well as brownfield expansions.  I wasn't able to find a

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Datamine Studio OP

Hello everyone. Glad to be here in this professionals group. Anybody that can assist with resources i can use to learn Datamine Studio OP. Could be notes, training manuals. Thanks in a dvance. 

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Shaft sinking research

Hi  Colleague 

We currently conducting research on shaft sinking. Can you please take a few minute of your time and answer the below questions.


1.Vertical shaft sinking methods and techniques have changed in the last 10 years or so. What are the main 

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